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Radijojo’s Media Academy is designed to train adults with an interest in radio production, non governmental social work, web based learning as well as challenges and chances to be summarized under the title “digitalisation”. Our focus lies on content driven media production and the development of useful tools for adults to train children to learn about media and media production in absence of commercial interests as a main competence of our century. Furthermore children are encouraged to interact with children of other cultural backgrounds and by doing so to acquire social and intercultural competences. Radijojo promotes especially children with difficult backgrounds such as migrational or educational handicaps, to support children in participating actively in our society. Our media academy aims to transport the mentioned values of non-commercial media production with a focus on Radio and Internet channels with reflecting new developments such as web 2.0, radio 2.0 or Learning 3.0.

In December 2009 the Academy hosted the workshop “Strengthening Civil Rights and European CitiZenship: Radio Production for Kids and Young People as a Choice for adults”. This workshop was made possible with the support of the European Union and the National Agency of education in Germany with regards to the GRUNDTVIG programme.

The workshop highlighted many aspects and facets of making radio with and for kids, the challenges community radio and open channels face in Europe, introduced the participants to workflow management in Radio production, discussed different social and cultural elements of media content for children with respect to European Citizenship and civil rights in a cross-generational dialogue. The workshop concluded successfully with a produced 60 minutes radio show (LINK) and preparations for building a new Pan-European network of media for the youth and children all over Europe.

“It was amazing! I collected many ideas for my radio program." Svetlana Dicheva (participant from Bulgaria)

Open Channels for Europe! Media for European Citizens

Useful links:

European Parliament resolution of 25 September 2008 on Community Media in Europe


Council of Europe: Declaration of the Committee of Ministers on the role of community media in promoting social cohesion and intercultural dialogue


Declaration of the Committee of Ministers on the allocation and management of the digital dividend and the public interest


Community Media Forum Europe

Open Channels for Europe!

Federation of Open Channels in Germany

For further information to the last workshop and feedback of the participants please click here (fotos, audio stream, participants feedback)

Our next workshop offer (scheduled for September 2010) is in development and will highlight the challenges in connection with global learning 3.0.

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Quotes from 2009 workshop participants

“I think this has been the best European workshop I have been to so far.” Dan Cissokho (participant from United Kingdom)

“…the active involvement of all the participants led to a mutual collaboration.” Nicolae Ionela Cristina (Romania)

I got a very useful experience in EU projects writing and developed my foreign language skills.” Joanna Osmane (Latvia)

One Day more… to meet again and have a nice evening all together.” Sarah Hofmann (Poland/Germany)

 Workshop organizers were very … professional; they created a opportunities for (European) cooperation.” Katja Michael (Netherlands)

This workshop is very useful for NGO’s! Thanks!“ Gözde Durmus (Turkey)

The organizers provided an excellent program in every detail. … One of the best workshops I have attended.” Henry Loeser (Czech Republic)

"This workshop has given me the inspiration to develop a network and to join already established ones. I would recommend a similar workshop to others.” Phil Gibbons (United Kingdom)

“The organizers made a good choice of venue.” Petra Ginova (Czech Republic)

Grundtvig Workshops are excellent way of developing intercultural competences and promoting European citizenship!!” Konstantinos Magos (Greece)

"This was a successful seminar, …, it fits perfectly to the Grundtvig objectives.” Ognian Boyadjiev (Bulgaria

“…there should be done more advertisement from the EU so that more people know about it.” Annemarie Kupser (Germany)

“Looking forward for the next workshop.” Iluta Pilicka (Latvia)