Let's take children's rights by the hand!

We are the kids of the classes 4a and 4b from the Löcknitz elementary school in Berlin! For a whole week we focused on the issue CHILDREN'S RIGHTS! Therefore we asked other children and teachers what they know about the children's rights.

Within the class we spoke a lot about the rights of children.
They are set out in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and apply to all children up to the age of 18 - whether boy or girl, and regardless of origin, religion or race.

These are the 10 most important children's rights!

  1. The Right to Equality

  2. The Right to Health

  3. The Right to Education

  4. The Right to Leisure, Enjoyment and Rest

  5. The Right to Freedom of Opinion

  6. The Right to Nonviolent Education

  7. The Right to Protection in case of War and Escape

  8. The Right to Protection against Economic Exploitation

  9. The Right to Parental Care 

10. The Right to Care in case of Disability

We worked as reporters on the schoolyard and did a lot of surveys with other students.

What about children's rights in other countries?

Djeynaba visited us. She is a cultural ambassador and comes from Mauritania, a country located on the African continent. We questioned her about the life of children in Mauritania.

We spoke with children in Mauritania by video conference, unfortunately the internet connection was very bad!

We had a telephone interview with Professor Maywald. He is the speaker of the National Coalition. That is an organisation which stands up for the realization of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

With the help of laptops we mixed our own sounds for the radio broadcast.

For our radio programme a song by Tony was recorded.

Our four moderators prepared themselves with Lea for the broadcast.

On the last day we visited the German Bundestag, in fact the decisions made by politicians also concerns us children.

We wrote the children's rights, which we considered to be the most important ones, on a voting paper and handed them over  to Mrs. Fehlhaber in the Bundestag. She is an office supervisor in the German Bundestag.

When will the children's rights finally be incorporated into the German constitution?

We are always ready with the camera, even in the German Bundestag!

Even our dedicated teacher Mrs. Dupont wasn't afraid of our questions.

Raise your hands for children's rights!

We are the editors: Deniz, Tony, Simar, Luka, Leo, Jamie, Mwanduya, Miriam, Eda, Lena, Mia, Marleni, Ilayda, Batuhan, Selim, Misho, Nizam, Marc, Eren, Kajan, Michael, Jolyn, Melisa.